If there is any college that is at the forefront of technology development it would be MIT. They really know how to challenge their students to really push the limits of their thought and think up great new inventions. Here’s an awesome video that shows how advanced the college really is.

Finding The SEO Technology That Will Help Your Website

Would you like to rank higher than you ever have before on the search engines for your website, specifically for your most profitable keyword terms? In the past, well over a decade ago, this was one of the easiest things to accomplish. So few people actually have websites, and at that time, the Internet was not really considered that plausible of a business medium. People would have them as more of a novelty, and 10 years before that, many people thought that the Internet was only designed for personal websites where you can share your information with a chosen few people. Today, the Internet has come a long way, and due to the expertise of many in this industry, they have made it harder than ever to rank a website and make money from your efforts. In fact, updates made by Google have made it nearly impossible for automated systems that once generated hundreds of thousands of dollars every month for people that knew what they were doing, a strategy that simply no longer works. In order to rank well, you have to understand SEO and the changes that occur on a regular basis. If you are in St. Louis, or if you would like to rank for St. Louis SEO terms for your particular business, this is what you need to do.

Why Search Engine Optimization Has Changed


In the past, when it was easier to create and rank websites, people used to put up what were called junk pages, using regurgitated content that was virtually identical on every single page, and identical to what thousands of other people were using, all of which would be easy to find on the web. There was no need to look at long tail keywords, those that were over three words in length, because you could simply make a page, or an entire website of your most profitable keywords, and start to generate free traffic right away. SEO has changed as a result of Google and other search engines trying to eliminate these practices, placing only unique content that people that are searching for specific information will find valuable and worth their time and effort. There is another side to search engine optimization, one that is all about the money. Google specifically does algorithm changes not only to benefit those that use their search engine to find information, as well as products and services, but in order to make more money for themselves. All of the ads that you find on the search engines on the top, and on the side, will make that search engine money when people click on the links that they see. Therefore, it’s in their best interest to keep everything relevant, ensuring that people will keep coming back, and in doing so, they will also make millions of dollars every single day by providing unique and qualified content.

Easiest Ways To Rank For St. Louis SEO Terms

If you really want to rank for any type of keywords with Saint Louis SEO, ones that will bring targeted visitors to your website, search engine optimization is something that you need to focus upon, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, working with an expert is probably your best choice. These are individuals that understand how the algorithms are changing, and can create strategies that will be implemented that will cater to these changes, going under the radar so to speak, allowing people to drive targeted visitors very easily to their websites. Whether you specialize in on-site optimization with outbound authority site hyperlinks and unique content, or off-site optimization by getting quality links pointing back to your main page, and sub pages, you can usually find an expert that will be willing to help you get this done for a reasonable price.

Technological Innovations Behind the Modern Day Bungalow House Plan

The term bungalow describes a small home with a veranda (an open porch at the front of the house with a roof). Most bungalows are either single story or one and a half stories high and contain between one and four bedrooms. The convenience of a bungalow is perfect for those with impaired mobility since it is a small property to manage with most, if not all, of the living space on the ground level. Another benefit of bungalows is the fact that they are inexpensive. Being small makes a bungalow more cost efficient since they are easier and less expensive to heat than larger properties.

Plans For Building A Bungalow

When you are preparing to build a bungalow it is very important to make sure that you have a very clear idea on what you want before you have anyone else contribute to the plans. Start with the budget you have available, and then make a list of the most important factors you want to include; this list should include all the essentials and anything you are not willing to compromise on.

Start with the bungalow house plan for the inside of your bungalow rather than starting with how you want the outside to look. Use the plan for inside as your guide for the outside later. Make a list of the spaces you need to include in the building, and the sizes and dimensions of each. Once you have the list of the basic essentials, you can add any extras that you would like to include if time, space and budget allow.

Plan the position of the different spaces based on which rooms need to be near each other. You may, for example need a quiet room away from the main living areas, or you may want to make sure that the bathroom is next to the bedroom. Draw out a brief, rough sketch to give yourself an idea of what the positions will be like. This initial sketch does not need to be to scale, but you will want to give an indication of the basic ratios.


bungalow house plans

Once you have a rough idea from your initial sketch it is time to consider the sizes of the rooms. You will probably find that you need to adjust and compromise on the size of certain rooms and this will mean prioritizing. It is important to take into account the type and size of furniture that you will be placing in each individual room as well as the activities that will take place in the space.

In addition to balancing the different rooms you will also need to balance the two floor levels if you are including an upper level. Bear in mind that you can use the space inside the roof for extra rooms. When designing the rooms pay attention to the proportions of each room. Make sure that the width and length of rectangular rooms for example are well balanced so that the room does not feel too narrow and more like a passage than a room.

Once you have sketched out the various rooms to scale it is important to make sure that the movement between rooms is practical and easy. Check how your bungalow will fit together and whether the rooms are accessible in a functional and easy way. If this is not the case, make some adjustments to your sketches to accommodate this. Taking some time to make sure that not only are the rooms exactly as you want them, but that movement between the rooms is comfortable and practical will help you to make the best choices for the bungalow house plans that are perfect for you and your family.

How Do Flight Schedules Work?

Are you planning on making a flight to a remote location, perhaps several hundred miles away? If you have had your pilot’s license for quite some time, you are well aware of all of the procedures that must be completed prior to takeoff. Many things must be calculated in regard to the size of your plan, how much fuel you will need, and the altitude that you will be flying at. You need to clear everything with the flight tower, allowing you to take off in a pre-prescribed time so that you will not be in danger of a collision in route to your destination. Here is a quick overview of what a flight schedule is, and how you can quickly prepare for your next flight using these simple tips.

Basic Definition Of A Flight Schedule


A flight schedule is simply the time at which a plan will depart from a certain location on a certain date. Most people are familiar with flight schedules as they have probably booked a trip on one of the major airlines like Delta, United, or even Hawaiian airlines, trying to get a seat on a plane to a destination that will coordinate with the time that they have booked with their hotel and car rental. When you are flying by yourself, however, and you are the pilot, a flight schedule is much more elaborate and complex. It requires the use of a special flight schedule software that will allow you to calculate all of the variables that are typically taken care of by the major carriers, but you must do so for the plane that you’re going to fly.

Calculating Your Flight

One of the most unique inventions that has ever been created with the advent of the E6B. This is something that you will be required to learn how to use when you are planning for your flight, often referred to commonly as the whiz wheel. They are made up a slide rule with a round component on the top that is actually considered to be the computer. When you think of the computer, you are often picturing a calculator or a software program that is running on a computer, but back before computers were commonplace, a slide rule was the next best thing. Pilots must do all of their calculations on this device which will include calculating how much fuel they will burn, ground speed, time of departure, time of arrival, and wind corrections. Once all of this is done, you can file your flight plan with your local tower, ensuring that you will have a departure time that will allow you to takeoff and land at the other airport.

Flight Scheduling Software

You can actually get an app for an E6B on your iPhone that you can use to calculate all of this very quickly. There are also software programs that you can use that will allow you to do the same exact thing without the slide rule appearance. By simply entering in all of the information that is pertinent including aviation weather, the effects of the wind, altitude calculations, fuel calculations, and the distance, speed and time that you will be in the air, you will be able to have a flight plan completed in no time at all so that you can depart to your destination.

Modern technology has made it much easier for people that were not very good with the slide rule. Today, pilots from all over the world are becoming used to this new way of creating your flight plan, and getting ready to depart, using modern technology. Hopefully this basic overview of what a flight schedule is, and how it must be completed, will help you move forward toward accomplishing this task much more quickly, or at the very least motivate you to get your pilot’s license so you can do this more proficiently on your own.

How Technology Has Changed the Web Design Industry

Web design is a job field that has seen a recent increase in the level of demand for quality work. The issue that a lot of people are facing is they are not sure about how the advances in technology have changed the way the industry works now. When people see this, though, they will quickly find technology has brought up quite a few changes to the industry and some of these changes have presented a large number of challenges to the designers who are older, but most of the time the changes are for the better and help people get to launch their website faster and better than ever before.

The first way the designer has started to adapt is more websites are starting to drop flash from their coding. Flash for a long time was all the rage and it even brought a program and company to the forefront of everyone’s mind. However, over time Flash has started to age and has not kept up with the changes to the modern world of using mobile devices. So designers who have used websites designed off of Flash have found themselves having to update the websites to jQuery or other coding to guarantee the site remains friendly with the mobile devices.

While the designers used to be able to skimp on some of the levels of detail they would use on the website, now they cannot get away with that anymore. In fact most of the people have such high expectations that if a website is built using basic HTML coding without something interesting on the website or interactive, people tend to leave. So the designers have had to increase the professionalism of their work to meet these expectations that people have on the websites, if they do not increase this then people are going to find the visitors to their website will fall off. I had a web design kansas city company who was hired solely on their ability to get retention of visitors up so high for their clients.


Technology is changing so fast, that designers are constantly having to keep up with these changes. While it used to be the biggest change that people had to experience was a change in the number of HTML version, now the changes are coming so often because of security concerns or to keep people happy that something new is being released daily. Now this does not mean that people need to learn about each of these changes, but it does mean the designer is going to have to keep up with the changes to guarantee their website is still compatible with the changes.

Social media is huge in the world today, but this is especially true for active websites. Since social media has become so popular, it is nearly impossible to go a single day without seeing a website asking people to like them on Facebook or follow them on Pinterest. Now this is all well and good at helping to build up a steady client base for the websites, it often means the designer needs to make some changes to the website. These changes typically will involve putting a little bit of code into the website, but this allows people to have the symbol displayed on their website. So this is another change that the designers have had to keep up with for themselves and their clients.

Mobile technology has really started to set off a new trend in designing. Since mobile technology has come around, a lot of designers have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people asking them for a mobile friendly design. While the designer may still be adapting to the main three browsers that are used, now they have to learn more about the mobile designs as well. This means the designer has to do even more work to guarantee they are able to get the websites on all of the mobile devices, without losing the integrity of the site for browsers.

Responsiveness is another factor that the designer has had to start keeping up with. In the past, people would visit a static website and think it was the best thing ever. However, modern times have led to the websites being more responsive to the viewers needs and this has come to be expected. So the designer has had to start to figure out how to get the websites to be more responsive to the needs of the visitors.

A major way the websites have become more responsive is by offering a comment section on the pages. A web design company I enjoy called Who 4 Design is a great example of this. While this is a minor thing, it is something that people enjoy because it means that they are able to interact with the website. However, a lot of times the webmasters are going to want to have people logged into one of their social media accounts when they do comment, which will share the comment to their account as well.

Search engine optimization is another factor the designer never really considered having to learn when they started out designing websites. However, more and more people have found that their rankings in the search engines may be dependent on how their website looks and reads. So the designer has also had to take some courses about SEO and how their design is going to impact the chances of a website being ranked in the search engines. So the designer has also had to start to learn how the technology for SEO has changed and how they need to change their design to keep up with the changes.

Technology is constantly changing and for the most part the changes are helping people out tremendously, even if it does mean they have to learn a new skill. However, people need to realize that for the web designers the technology has had one of the largest impacts in the job they are doing. This is when people should know about how some of the technological changes has impacted the web design industry and made it nearly impossible for people to get the work done as quickly as what they have in the past.

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