How Important is SEO to a Tech Business?

Search Engine Optimization is treated like a magic trick by most businesses. They don’t understand exactly how it works, or even what it is, but they’ve heard that it fixes everything, and they want an SEO wizard to come in and make them the toast of the Internet overnight.

SEO Is a Process, Not a Trick

That’s a problem, because SEO is not a trick. It’s a definable process that takes a great deal of work and expertise to deliver results, but it will deliver results. How important the results are to the success of your business is dependent on other factors. For instance, a Chicago SEO company like Gotch SEO doing work for a local pizza business will do stuff much differently then a California company working for the same business.

Few managers understand fully that while SEO has important technical aspects, it is at its heart a marketing approach. Businessmen have always poorly understood the differences between sales and marketing, mostly because they overlap a great deal, and adding SEO to the mix can make the distinctions impenetrable. To understand how important SEO is to a business, you have to understand what it’s for.

Google Now Take the Place of a Trusted Friend

Try an experiment. Ask a trusted friend for the name of a plumber. They’ll probably be able to come up with the name of the last person they called when the toilet was clogged. Now ask them for another name. Perhaps they’ll remember the guy they called before the last one, but can’t quite remember the name in full. Now ask for another, and then another, and then another. Even someone with the worst plumbing problems in the world will run out of names pretty quick, and start searching for names, any names they can recall.


Now ask yourself: Which one of these plumbers would you hire? The answer, always, is the first one your friend mentioned. That’s the way personal recommendations work, and that’s the way Google search ranking works. It’s human nature to assume that people at the top of a ranked list are better than the people listed below them. If you don’t understand this simple principle you’re never going to understand SEO. By optimizing the information you put on the Internet where search engines and customers are looking for it, you’re improving your reputation and visibility in the marketplace. That’s marketing.

SEO is a technical exercise to improve your marketing, so that you can attract potential customers so that you can begin to convert them into actual customers. To further prove that great SEO starts with a marketing strategy, let’s go back to your friend’s list of plumbers. What if you called them on the phone, and they said they were electricians? Would you still hire them to fix your toilet? I doubt it.

SEO Is a Howitzer. Learn to Aim It

That’s why you should consider SEO a cannon. It can get you big results, but only if you point it at the right target. Proper SEO strategy involves looking in the right place for the right people, or more precisely, being in the right place when the right people come looking for you. If you look at SEO as if it’s a one-size-fits-all smock that anyone can buy off the rack and wear, you can waste a lot of money and effort attracting the attention of people that aren’t really interested in what you have to offer, while you remain invisible to potential customers.

Real estate agents tout the importance of Location, Location, Location when they’re dealing with prospective buyers and sellers. The beauty of the Internet is that by using wise SEO strategies linked to sound marketing approaches, you can elbow your way into prime Internet real estate without spending a ton of money. While the playing field between huge companies and one-man shops isn’t exactly level, it’s much easier for small businesses to compete than by using competing advertising efforts that cost a lot and return results that aren’t always quantifiable. I know a Pittsburgh search engine optimization company that even innovated enough to make a post on Reddit for a company and increased there traffic by over 300%.

SEO Tells You If It Works

If you spend a million dollars on a television ad, you’re mostly unable to determine if it gave you a million dollars of benefit in return. That’s not the case with SEO efforts. Websites can collect reams of data about your visitors, and it’s easy and productive to match your SEO strategy with the metrics you have available in real time. SEO is an essential tool to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy and your ability to convert visitors into customers, and it’s the only one that gives you hard evidence of its return on investment. Ignore it at your peril.

Technology Impacting Fitness?

It seems like every day leads to the rise or fall of a new workout program. For every great program that hits the market, there are probably about 10 that aren’t worth the time or money. As a savvy consumer, you’re probably interested in finding the one great program before you spend your money. Look no further because T25 is one workout program that actually delivers results.

As with any workout program, the t25 workout shows a lot of buff bodies in their advertisements and promises they’ll help you make big changes to your body. That’s all great, but you’re probably more interested in whether they actually deliver those results or if it’s nothing more than marketing hype.

It Works. Here’s How.

T25 Focus is a high intensity workout program. It focuses primarily on cardiovascular exercise and strength training, both mixed and separated. The program is lead by Shaun-T, who is a personal trainer that is well-known across the country. He is also known for creating the Insanity workout program, which is slightly longer and more intensive than the T25 Focus program.

The 25 in t25 refers to the 25 minutes that you’ll spend each day on your workout session. That’s much less time than many other program, but the routine is so intense that it gets real results in only that short amount of time. After each session you should spend an additional 2 to 5 minutes stretching.

Each 25 minute session is designed to tackle specific muscle groups. Altogether, the program will improve all of the important areas of the body, such as the cores, hamstrings, quads, and calves. There’s also an additional DVD included that offers sessions specifically for improving upper body strength.

The 25 comes from the time limit, but the focus comes from a key ideal behind the program. That is, all of the exercise combinations are designed to focus on key areas individually. This ensures the best results in the shortest amount of time possible. That is why there’s no other workout program that can compete with the t25 focus program in terms of time or effectiveness.

Finally, all of these sessions and exercises are backed by tough clinical studies and years of experience as a personal trainer. Most professionals agree that shorter, more focused workout sessions are more effective than longer alternatives. The program isn’t the best when it comes to bulking up and building muscle mass quickly, but that’s not the purpose behind the t25 focus program.

Does Dallas Have the Best Data Centers?

Dallas is one of the country’s biggest cities and has many different data centers to choose from when it comes to data centers as well as their locations. However since Texas in general is prone to many different forms of weather such as tornadoes and tropical storms, it is important to choose the data center that is right for you. While you have other options outside of the Dallas and even the state of Texas, some people make the decision to use a Dallas located data center, such as TierPoint Dallas colocation data center (my favorite), for many different reasons. When doing this you should follow the double ‘C.E.S’ rule.

Checklist of Requirements

Create a list of requirements to decide what is important and best for your company, this can be achieved through the creation of a checklist to utilize while looking into prospective data centers. This list may include the location information like climate and ease of access, cooling abilities of the center, connectivity of available bandwidth, management and monitoring services, and security. There are other things that you should consider as well like cloud infrastructure, satisfaction of other customers, extra services, disaster recovery abilities, and office space. Each of these is extremely important as are many other things that you may require and you shouldn’t have to compromise these requirements with any data center.

Customization of Solutions

When you are working with a data center, you should be able to write your own documentation as to how things should be handled. This will allow you to have more control in customizing the solutions for your business. This documentation should include things like who to call when an incident occurs and the steps their staff needs to take to ensure the proper care of your data. You should also be able to choose the equipment used to store your data and the tools the staff will use to help monitor and manage the servers containing your information.

Evaluation of Experience

To evaluate the experience of other customers you can do some simple research online to find the Net Promoter Score of the data center you are interested in working with. This NPS should be kept up to date and current as it is industry standard to have customers rate their experience with tech companies on a regular basis. This includes data centers especially since they focus a lot of energy on customer satisfaction of their experience. You may even come across reviews written about the company, however you will only want to take into account anything that has been written about the company within the last year as the turn over for policy and procedures in data centers is very high.


Staff Education

As the programs and monitoring procedures that you require for your information may be different from that of other companies, it should be your responsibility to provide the proper knowledge to the IT staff that will be handling your company’s information. This means that you should explain how you want things handled and the proper information on how to run the software you choose for monitoring. Some companies will as that you provide them with the documentation and provide their staff with a brief update as to who you are and what you want done with your data, however it will also speak volumes to the staff if you are involved in this process. The staff may have questions for you that the company’s representative didn’t ask pertaining to how your data is handled. While it is understandable that you are hiring the center to perform a job, the only way that you can ensure that the job is done to your expectations is to speak and educate the staff about your information and your choices in how it is handled.


While hiring a data center to host your data as well as properly manage and monitor your stuff can be a difficult and sometimes stressful task, once you have found your data center you won’t have to move your information again unless you want to. Dallas is a great place for data centers as they are built to withstand the most brutal of storms and are prepared to back up your data so if something happens it is still available if you need it and nothing is lost in a crisis.


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